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Light Balance(Brown Rice,Berry)

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The taste and nutrition of brown rice are added to whole grains that are good for health.

The essential nutrients including vitamins and 11 kinds of minerals, which are all essential for modern people, are well balanced. This food is good for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body as well as providing a balanced nutritional meal.

Well-being food with enhancing nutrients that are good for health and eliminating bad elements.

Simply in the morning when you are busy! Simply while doing business. And easily while moving to other place.

  1. Only 175kcal! There are only 175 calories per serving (40g) of Light Balance. Light Balance is the prescribed meal to lose weight (255kcal when taken with 200ml of low-fat milk).
  2. For both taste and nutrition! More savory because of whole grains and brown rice good for health.
  3. Vitamins and 11 kinds of minerals! Vitamins and 11 kinds of minerals essential for modern people requiring the balanced nutrition.